Prince Edward Island

how to break open durian

Operating a durian orchard without irrigation facilities is a very risky venture. Rainfall can varies greatly from year to year and from month to month. The dry months that occur in-between the monsoons play a critical role in durian production. ... More

how to catch the thief

Play Catch the Thief for free online at! Catch the thief if you can! Now he is here and the next moment gone! Run like the wind to catch the thief. Avoid the obstacles and improve your own records. Catch and play this fun running chasing game now. ... More

how to add ac ripple on ac sine wave circuit

of this application note is to show how to add speed control and soft-start to a single and multi-phase AC induction motor by using a three-phase inverter circuit. ... More

how to build my biceps fast

The only way you can generate maximum intensity and build maximum muscle in your biceps is by doing isolation exercises. There are no compound exercises that will enable you to fully develop your biceps; including the pull-up and the chin-up. Finally George, you need to know this:there are actually at least 42 different types of motions that the human body can perform with weights. And each ... More

how to add multiple songs to itunes at once

The tracks in your iTunes library likely come from a variety of sources, including the iTunes Store, your personal CD collection and other online websites. If you don't add songs from the iTunes ... More

how to add fonts to powerpoint

Bold, thick, and even simple sans serif fonts can work best for this effect. Consider this sample below for a before and after look of your text. As for the background, you may already have a theme applied to your slides. For this effect of having to add an image to text in your PowerPoint slide, its best if your background is a plain solid color in order to shift the focus to your text ... More

how to clean nzxt phantom 820

We take a look at NZXT's Phantom 530, the direct successor to the original Phantom NZXT announces the Phantom 240 chassis NZXT has announced the cheapest member of the Phantom range of … ... More

how to delete bars on muse score

to the progress bars of audio export Add ability to cancel audio export and remove the partially created files Jojo-Schmitz force-pushed the Jojo-Schmitz:progress-bar branch 2 times, most recently from 9eb87b2 to bc05d6d Aug 7, 2015 ... More

how to clean cloudy drinking glasses

How to Clean Cloudy Tumblers and Crystal Glassware Archaeological evidence suggests that glass has been around since 3500BC in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was only during the revolutionary period of the 1890s that innovation was taken into glass crafting and drinking vessels made from the material came into popular use and became a kitchen accessory. ... More

leptin green coffee 1000 how to drink

Leptin Green Coffee; Leptin Slimming Tea; Leptin Weight Loss Chocolate; Leptin Weight Loss Plum; Leptin Super Value Package ... More

how to build realistic model railroad scenery 3rd edition

Model railroaders will learn how to build realistic scenery from rocks and dirt to mountains and water! Step-by-step photo instructions. ... More

how to create a christmas card

Why Fotor's Christmas card maker has everything you need. Fotor's Christmas card maker provides a unique way for you to convey your personalized messages and display favorite photos. ... More

how to cook american bbq spare ribs

26/05/2018 Ribs plus, equal parts of Oregano, cumin, chili, salt, onion and garlic powder 1-1/2 part of smoked paprika. Mix all of this together and rub in the meat well. ... More

how to change wallpaper for folder in macs

Click a folder in the column on the left and then click a picture in the area on the right. You have at least three other ways to change your Desktop picture: ... More

how to manually close a mustang convertible top

For a 2004 Ford Mustang : In the fuse panel below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal ( it has a cover on it ) ( Fuse # 20 ) is a 15 amp fuse for the co nvertible top switch Also , in the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment near the battery ( # 28 ) is a 25 amp circuit breaker for the convertible top If you wish to view the ... More

how to add moisture to the air

An oiler is meant to add a steady supply of oil for your air tools, if you currently have an oiler on your powder coating gun air line, remove it and replace the air hose with a clean one immediately. ... More

how to build a chrome plugin

I did something similar while creating Cliptext, a Chrome extension that automatically converts selected text in the Chrome browser to an image than can be automatically shared on Twitter. Essentially, the extension provides a context menu item on selected text. When the menu item is clicked, what ... More

how to clean fuel injectors vs commodore

Ultrasonic cleaning of a clogged fuel injectors. The only guaranteed method that addresses these problems and can clean a clogged injector properly is by removing the injectors from the engine. Once removed, the injectors can be dropped off or mailed to a professional injector cleaning service such as Injector RX. Injector RX use manufacturer approved equipment and an ultrasonic fuel injector ... More

how to stop auto connect wifi

30/05/2016 MY phone keeps connecting automatically to open wifi networks which then stops my 3G working. Is there any way to stop this? I have read about a setting for Auto Connect on the Advanced Wifi screen, but I don't get this option on my unlocked UK phone, I've just got ... More

how to connect your phone to your computer without usb

The top reason why your computer is not recognizing your phone is the faulty USB cable. That's why the first thing I want you to do is take a different USB cable and try to connect your Android phone to your computer once again. ... More

how to achieve negative 65 magic attack

Magic and Artifact are two very different games, but a lot of the concepts behind the strategy are the same. If you’re a Magic player, you will definitely have a leg up on the competition as long as you’re careful about adapting your train of thought when the situation demands it. ... More

how to create interactive images

Make sure the two existing layers are locked, create a new one and name it Marker, import the marker image onto the stage to use as a marker. While the object is selected, press F8 to convert it to a Movie Clip symbol, name it myMarker . ... More

how to break out of jail

The best escape rooms in Manchester - be a pirate, break out of jail and save the human race. They're increasing in popularity and in numbers - here are a few of Manchester's best breakout rooms ... More

how to cook whole perch

You can purchase them whole or in fillets, and either fresh or frozen. If you can't find perch, you can substitute pike, rockfish, grouper or red snapper. If you can't find perch, you can substitute pike, rockfish, grouper or red snapper. ... More

how to cut a frozen roast in half

17/08/2013 Absolutely. It might be easier to cook the entire pork roast and then freeze the other half of the cooked meat. This will cut down on cooking time for a future recipe that requires the use of pork roast. ... More

how to change ebay currency preferences

For example, if you change your Shipping preferences > Offer combined payments and shipping on My eBay, it could take up to 7 days for eBay to apply the updated settings to your listings. Also, once you set a preference, you cannot change its setting again within 7 days. ... More

how to add border to photoshop

You may need to add a border around an image for variety of reasons. Whatever the reason you need the border for, there are various ways you can add the border to a photo. One option is to enlarge the canvas size, and select the color for canvas e... ... More

how to get linoleum floors clean

Linoleum flooring can stain or yellow due to throw rugs, spills, improper cleaning agents, wax and age. Removing the yellow staining might be a tedious process, but clean linoleum will brighten up ... More

how to buy aib shares

5/06/2013 The AIB Share Price Collapse and the Impact of Risk . In this blog I am going to analyse Allied Irish Banks (AIB) share price collapse between the 1 st February 2007 as shares hit an all-time pre credit-crisis high of 24 a share, and the 25 th December 2010 when the bank was effectively nationalised following a 3.7 billion ... More

emotional wellness how to achieve it

The six dimensions of wellness he described are: physical, social, emotional, environmental, intellectual and spiritual. Under each, I have put ways to strengthen them, especially if youre struggling with the physical piece of the wellness pie. ... More

how to delete skype name from login screen windows 8

The steps below work for Windows 8 and Windows 10 and will be applied to all user accounts on your PC. Note that if you're using Windows 10 Home edition, you'll need to use the registry method ... More

how to build a home server from scratch

To change your server name, open the Server Manager and navigate to Local Server. Click the computer name to open the System Properties. Click the computer name to open the System Properties. Select “Change” and enter a new name. ... More

how to change fov on bo2 pc

PC gamers have been wanting to hear that the FOV in Black Ops 2 would be increased and there’s some good news today following a Tweet from Treyarch which states that “On the post-launch patch ... More

how to draw cute toadstools

Doodle Drawing, Basic Drawing, Step By Step Drawing, Drawing For Kids, Drawing Tips, Cartoon Sketches, Mushroom Drawing, Mushroom Art, Zentangle Tatjana T Learning to draw and paint ... More

how to store cut up kohlrabi

Agree with first comment. Generally, I prefer the color & texture of fresh or recently cut kohlrabi. If you need to prep a large volume & must cut in advance, you'll get better results if you freeze the cut veg (for later use in a cooked dish), or store in water in fridge for a day (drain for use as raw veg). ... More

how to create a group email in hotmail outlook

26/08/2018 The groups you have in the consumer Outlook/Hotmail/Livemail account, only work online on, but of course not on your phone or in the Windows 10 mail app. If you use groups from the consumer Outlook/Hotmail/livemail in Outlook 2016, they will not update properly (if you change the e-mail of one group member that belongs to a group in a Hotmail group account ... More

how to connect to a basic toyota cars bluetooth

... More

how to avoid cracking in 20 mm thick concrete

QUIKRETE Sand/Topping Mix consists of a uniformly blended mixture of Portland cement and commercial grade sands, used for repairing and topping damaged horizontal concrete surfaces less than 2" (51 mm) thick. ... More

how to play far cry 4 coop

Ubisoft has added a 4-player co-op campaign to Far Cry 3, complete with unique protagonists and a plot apparently unrelated to that of the singleplayer. ... More

how to become a reality tv star

10/07/2013 · I wanted to dig deeper and find out how you become a major reality star so I called upon some experts: Reality Steve , Reality TV guru (and everything you … ... More

my summer car how to eat

Despite the many warnings, each summer brings numerous accounts of dogs that become sick or even die of heat stroke because they were left in a car. Even if it does not seem that hot outside, the temperature inside the car can rise to dangerous levels within minutes. ... More

how to delete steam friends chat

5/08/2018 This wikiHow teaches you how to remove a contact from your Snapchat Friends list, as well as how to block a contact. Deleting a Snapchat friend will prevent them from seeing your non-public snaps, while blocking a friend will prevent them from being able to see any of your content. ... More

how to cook step by step book

A general, rather downhome cookbook with lots of practical recipes is always appreciated and The Illustrated Step-by-Step Cook (DK Illustrated Cook Books), with its clear directions and lack of assumption of knowledge, is particularly helpful. It's a hefty book of 544 pages and more than 300 recipes, including grilled tuna steaks with salsa, Aunt Sally's meatloaf, southern fried chicken and ... More

how to create word background

I love finding design hacks in the simple {wo}man’s word processor. In fact, I have used Word to create text boxes of color, that I save as a picture and then use as backgrounds in my collages in Pixlr. ... More

how to build a bbq island with pavers

If it's just a base for a reasonably small barbecue then all you really need to do is get the pavers level. Rather than build up you want to dig out the turf in a 4ft x 2ft rectangle to create a level base. ... More

how to change the x axis numerb

You can also change the Value Axis Label to show as Currency. To do so, select the Number option in the sidebar (highlighted in green within Figure 6 ). Thereafter select Currency within the Category list (highlighted in red within Figure 6 ) -- you can choose the Currency symbol you need, and also set the required number of decimal spaces. ... More

how to become a lash beautician

Variation in the length of lashes is recommended to create a natural flow and look to the lashes. Longer lashes work best in the corners of the eyes or in the outer centre of the eyes. Shorter lashes work best towards the inner eyes. ... More

how to create a conditional survey

Add dynamic responses. In this topic. Ask questions with conditional responses; Add icons for social media options ; In the previous lesson, you created a series of questions where the responses were used in a calculation. The final question in the survey will determine if the participant has an active account on social media. If the answer is yes, a relevant question is revealed to determine ... More

how to clear task in android

If you have a repetitive task in your Android app, you need to consider that activities and services can be terminated by the Android system to free up resources. ... More

how to connect tablet to projector wirelessly

To connect, tap the projector’s Network ID text displayed in the projector search results as soon as the application starts up. Note: To check the Network ID ([Proj****]) of the projector … ... More

how to delete intuit account

Because most accounts and profiles at TurboTax cannot be removed, we suggest you login and change your account and profile information altogether. Make sure you are logged in to your account on the site and click on the profile or options settings. ... More

how to change oakley half jacket earsocks

Galaxy Replacement Nose Pads & Earsocks Rubber Kits For Oakley Half Jacket And Half Jacket XLJ Black,Blue,White Price: $22.98 Galaxy Replacement Nose Pads & Earsocks Rubber Kits For Oakley Half Jacket And Half Jacket XLJ Black Color ... More

how to cook pig ears for dogs

Directions. The pig's ears I got from my butcher were clean and almost entirely hair-free. If yours aren't, wash them with water, scrub away any dirt, and remove any hair. ... More

how to add tones to itunes 2017

28/04/2012 · The first time I downloaded a ringtone into iTunes which someone had uploaded elsewhere, I was told to put it in the Automatically Add to iTunes folder. Doing that will put the tones into the Tones folder in iTunes, at least it did for me. After that I could sync the tones to my iPhone in the normal way. I hope this helps! ... More

how to create an nfs export on clustered data ontap

2 Securing Clustered Data ONTAP Create and test CIFS and NFS export policies. Create SMB (CIFS) shares ACLs. Review command histrory captured by syslog. 1.3 Prerequisites This lab assumes that you are familiar with the basic concepts of administering clustered Data ONTAP 8.3. This lab makes extensive use of the clustered Data ONTAP comand line interface (CLI) because ... More

how to build a cheap shack

8/04/2017 · This holiday season, make your entire home — from the front porch to the kitchen — look and feel as festive as possible with these jolly decorating ideas. Christmas home decor. Prepare your home for the season with Santa-approved Christmas home decor and trimmings from At Home. ... More

how to connect wirelessly to a canon mg5650

Trying to install Canon MG8150 printer via wi-fi I have configured the printer and I am able to ping it from the computer, (ping, likewise I am able to connect … ... More

how to change pdf page size in adobe

With acrobat standard, i think the only way is to print to a new page size with acrobats PDF printer. With acrobat pro, you can set the print margins and page size but even that is limited as it doesn't give you a built in option to shrink or enlarge the PDF proportionally. ... More

how to fix external hard drive not showing up

30/04/2018 · The External hard drive is the important storage device because it has the ability to store a huge amount of data items. So, most of the users plug-in external hard drive in their system for storing their data. ... More

how to eat tabbouleh salad

One thing I love to make in the summer is tabbouleh – the Meditteranean classic salad typically made with bulghur wheat, cucumbers, tomatoes, loads of fresh parsley and mint, and a refreshing lemony vinaigrette. I kept true to the original for my Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad … ... More

how to build a basha

It's just an opportunity to build Basha back up. It's definitely a challenge but I embrace it. What I really want to do is put a stamp on the school in terms of football, further their identity ... More

how to change nat type on modem

Is it possible to change the NAT type on a mobile dongle modem? I've searched the web but couldn't find anything. Should I contact the ISP for this, is it even possible. At the moment it is set as ... More

how to eat more at a sushi buffet

Feng Wei in Gonubie offers a Sushi buffet every Saturday for R130 per person – a great deal considering it’s an all you can eat affair! So now you know where the best places are in town to eat Sushi, let’s have a look at the background of the delicacy… ... More

how to connect falcon rear window demister

To establish a connection between the Falcon X3 and a host PC, start Windows Mobile® Device Center, which is pre-installed on the mobile computer, and follow the steps below: Connect the Falcon X3 to the host PC. ... More

how to clear acne scars fast at home

Home Acne Scars How to Fade Acne Scars Fast, Overnight with Home Remedies. Fade, Diminish Acne Marks Permanently How to Fade Acne Scars Fast, Overnight with Home Remedies. Fade, Diminish Acne Marks Permanently . July 6, 2016 Lindsay Sullivan Acne Scars, Healing Tips, Nature's Remedies 5. How to Fade Acne Scars. Acne scars is an unfair outcome after a long struggle with … ... More

how to cook steamed broccoli and cauliflower

To get whiter cauliflower while boiling in a pot, add a little milk. Broccoli is best cooked, if not boiled in water and steam. Once you have cooked cauliflower, you can batter, or bake it, topped with a mixture of eggs and cream or just serve it cooked and sprinkled with fried breadcrumbs. ... More

how to delete a message on android

Text Messaging experience has been improved a lot over the years on Android phone or tablet. With the advancement of Android, we can share pictures, music, videos and other private data via messaging apps nowadays. ... More

how to build a wall mounted wardrobe

You will be able to store your jewelry on the wall, out of sight, while at the same time displaying a beautiful photo. Having decorative items like this DIY jewelry holder that also function as storage is perfect for small space decorating. ... More

how to connect to a minecraft lan server

Minecraft Lan Connection Timed Out A former boss of mine recommended I to someone help me out?Discovered why it wouldn't Reinstalled, Cursed care about hardware, I would recommend Sager laptops. ... More

how to create link within pdf file by js

5/06/2012 · Using one of these you should be able to select the file, and the macro will get the file name and path, convert to URL, and create the link in EN Win. These tools also provide lots of … ... More

how to clean rusty cast iron bbq plate

16/05/2011 This is how I clean and maintain my Craycort cast iron grate. Also shown is a tutorial of how I remove rust and re-season the grate. Also shown is a tutorial of how I remove rust and re-season the ... More

how to change my origin email

29/10/2014 How to change the region associated with your Outlook/Hotmail account? my xbox and my Windows 8 PC. It would awesome if someone helped me change the country associated with my email. I cannot make a new email address as a lot of things are attached to this one - my Xbox Gold account and all my work contacts. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as ... More

how to clean dirty pond water

6/08/2013 · If you want to clean green water of your lake or pond use Hydra Pond Clear Plus.As it removes green water from ponds without exterior filter systems to give crystal clear water. Video cannot be played. ... More

how to change your homepage on windows 7

Windows 7 Step One: Exit all programs that are running . Click Change or Remove Programs, click MSN Internet Software, MSN, or MSN Internet Access, then click Remove. Last Step: If you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the program, click OK. Remove MSN Explorer using the uninstall program . Caution: You will be unable to access e-mail messages saved on your computer ... More

how to download adobe flash on android

27/04/2015 Re: how to download adobe flash card to android? mirir99820153 Apr 27, 2015 11:47 PM ( in response to maria__ ) Thank you for your reply even though I'm sorry Adobe flash player isn't ... More

how to write shopify add copy

Got writer’s block when it comes to PPC ad copy? Unsure of what to put in that second headline or the callout extensions? The best performing Google Ads copy is always developed with some ... More

how to cook the best steak tips

Pan Seared Steak with Garlic, Herb Butter, Asparagus and Mushrooms - pan seared in a skillet plus "how to" tips to cook the best tender steak at home. ... More

how to draw in ps4 playroom

For those of you that are not Xbox or Nintendo Wii fans, here is a game console that I know some will flip over. To end my techie tutorial submissions, I will be showing you "how to draw ... More

how to cook rolled oatmeal

How to Make Soaked Oatmeal Ingredients 2 cups rolled oats ( where to buy rolled oats ) – rolled oats contain less phytic acid, as part of the bran (which holds … ... More

how to make pokemon come to life

12/09/2018 · I mean, come on, the tiles fit perfectly together, and the hack feels fresh. The only thing that kinda bugs me is the blocky shadow that the PKMN center is casting, but that's just a minor tile problem and I can easily ignore that. Good job and good luck! ... More

how to create pattern on illustrator

In this beginner level tutorial well create a vector pattern using various tools in Adobe Illustrator, inspired by the playful shapes and clashing colors of the Memphis Style movement. ... More

how to create a new style in word 2010

Applying Styles Using the Apply Styles Task Pane (... Learn to quickly view and apply styles with the Apply Styles Task Pane.Focus: microsoft ... More

how to build a end portal in minecraft ps3

This is the first step toward building a single, unified version of Minecraft that is the same across every platform where it can be played. But in the short term, it’s going to be interesting ... More

how to change your toilet flapper

How to replace and buy a toilet flapper. Greg shows how to remove the flapper valve in the bottom of the toilet tank and what to look for when purchasing a replacement. You would want to replace your flapper if it is leaking water from the tank, into the bowl. ... More

how to change tempreature on a madison dishwasher

Bosch underbench dishwashers fit into a new or existing kitchen with style. Height-adjustable for a flush fit, you can also complete the integrated look with a continuous kick panel to ... More

how to create a word web

Wordsalad is an app for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. It lets you tweak the word clouds by changing colors, fonts and words orientation. ... More

how to build a better relationship with your girl

how to build a better relationship with your manager not waste words and phrases. From this level it moves how the signs deal with a broken heart into a the law of gravity manhole. ... More

how to draw a pirate hat

How to Make a Pirate Hat. Avast! Prepare for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, for a costume party or just for some rollicking good play by making yourself a personalized pirate hat. Whether you opt for folding a paper tricorn or recycling felt headgear, youll be ready for adventure on the high seas. ... More

how to drive fence posts into the ground

How to Install Steel Fence Posts How to Install Steel Fence Posts. What You'll Need. Concrete . Steel posts Drive a small, thin metal post in the ground in each spot to serve as a stake where a steel post will be fixed. Step 5 – Run a String Around the Area . Next, run a string around the area where the fence will be to identify any obstacles in the way. Remove the obstacles before ... More

how to cancel sip in hdfc mutual fund

HDFC Mutual Fund is a type of Mutual Fund Houses whose products are distributed by HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank is a subsidiary of Asset Management Company (AMC), which provides mutual fund services. HDFC Mutual Fund is a Mutual Fund registered with SEBI (the … ... More

how to change outlook calendar weather to degrees

The Weather App in Windows 8 Metro start screen displays temperatures in Fahrenheit. This obsolete scale is popular only in the United States, and maybe in some other countries; the rest prefer to use the standard Celsius temperature scale. So if you want to change the scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius in the weather app, here is how to do it. ... More

how to catch minnows on a hook

If utilizing a jig and minnow together, hook the minnow through both lips rather than in the back. Other mainstream live hooks for crappie, especially amid the ice angling season, incorporate a huge grouping of creepy crawly larvae. ... More

how to create ns record in dns windows 2008

10/08/2009 · Create a Name Server DNS Record Creates a name server (NS) record on a DNS server. ... More

how to change steam font

Write the name of the desired font on the Value data field. That value should match one of the entries on HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts If you want to add additional fonts, repeat the previous steps, adding a 0 to the entry name each time (that is, … ... More

how to become a teenage actor uk

So you want to be an actor. If you are reading this, my guess is that you want to act and are already attending a part-time drama school or local drama class. You may have even been to explore kids agencies or even been to kids castings in the past. ... More

how to cook chicken in the oven healthy

This is so important when cooking any meat, but especially with this chicken breast recipe. When cooked at a high temperature the juices in the chicken quicky rush to the center, so when you cut into it right away, all those juices come pouring out and boom Dry chicken. Resting allows the juices to redistribute through the chicken ... More

how to delete calls made on messenger

How do I delete messages or a conversation on How do I edit or delete my Page's call-to-action button? Can I delete a photo or video from my story? How do I unblock messages from someone on Facebook? How do I hide or delete a comment from a post on my Page? How can I opt out of sending and receiving money in messages? Ask a Question How can I delete the call records ... More

how to change your region on xbox one

Overview . Along with its rival the PS4, the Xbox One is without a doubt one of the most popular devices used to stream Netflix. Having already written several tutorial articles on how you can get American Netflix on iPhones, PS4s, Rokus and more, I think it is about time we discuss how to get American Netflix on the PS4! ... More

how to download soccer games for pc

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Crack PC Game Free Download. PES 19 Torrent Download PC Game is finally available! If you’re one of individuals players, who love playing sporting activities and contend with your buddies, then you need to certainly browse the latest edition of PES. ... More

how to add an outlook email account to iphone

Hi E1, I re-installed my Windows and as a result also needed to re-install my Office 2003. I did try Office 2010 and Office 2013 however they were both extremely difficult to ... More

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how to ask for money at your wedding paperlust

8/12/2008 After you have announced the wedding / engagement give it some time to sink in. Once you start your wedding planning and start booking things such as the venue, photographer, etc sit down with them for supper one night and show them what you have planned and what you were thinking.

how to become an itworks distributor

Let’s talk about that It Works Compensation Plan and how you join to become an Itworks Distributor. Really as an mlm review website, I shouldn’t have an opinion but I’m seriously considering this It Works Distributor …

how to host a dance competition

Why Have Your Dance Competition at Rocky Mount Event Center. Dance competitions are some of the most exciting events around, and they become increasingly popular each year.

how to drive a car with auto gear

Using APKPure App to upgrade Learn Driving a CAR With Gear: Manual & automatic, fast, free and save your internet data.

how to connect laptop to tv hdmi windows 7

Hello, I can't figure out how to connect my Presario CQ61 Notebook to a Philips TV via HDMI under Windows 7. I checked the settings in the control pannel in Windows 7 …

how to build up willpower

Dr. Oz explained what it means when we crave certain things and then shared how you can build up your willpower. (msheldrake /

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