how to draw a realistic rabbit step by step

how to draw a realistic elf step by step anime girl bunny doll. tagged:how to draw a realistic elf step by step anime girl bunny doll. Download by size: Handphone Tablet Desktop (Original Size) ... More

how to change pitch of song on aamsung music

Download SpeedPitch - Audio Player For Changing Song's Speed & Pitch and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ?For all musicians who want to learn and play a song by ear! SpeedPitch is a music player to change speed and pitch of a song. ... More

how to access a network drive on mac

6. It will prompt you for your name and a password, and if you are connecting as a Guest or as a Registered User. ... More

how to create a facebook item listing

Facebook updates Custom Audience list requirements to create more ad transparency Starting July 2, advertisers will have to specify the origin of the audience's information when uploading a Custom ... More

how to delete contacts on alcatel one touch pop

3.3.5 Communicating with your contacts Add to/remove from Favourites To add a contact to favourites, you can touch a contact to view details From the contacts list, you can communicate with your contacts by making then touch to add the contact to favourites (the star will turn yellow a call or exchanging messages. ... More

how to become a celebrant in canberra

About Me. My name is Carmen and I am a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Canberra. When I chose to become a Celebrant, my goal was to be ... More

how to choose wool for crochet

4/06/2018 · crochet top jacket CHOOSE outfit wool woman cardigan autumn Crochet Handmade COLOR THE jacket winter. Understand Your Risk If A Bear Market Returns AARP; by Outbrain. COLOR outfit CHOOSE top cardigan woman jacket Handmade crochet THE winter Crochet jacket autumn wool More CNNMoney video. by Outbrain . Watch Colin Kaepernick in Nike's 'Just Do It' ad (Else - Videos) … ... More

how to change black background to white in pdf

Change the color of the polyline and hatch to TrueColor 0,0,0. (If your background color is still black, the hatch and polyline will be invisible.) (If your background color is still black… ... More

how to download steam workshop to wallpaper live

Steam train Live WallpaperSteam train Wallpaper free animated live wallpaper for Android.To Install:Go to Home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersEnjoy! ... More

pokemon how to draw sylveon

Drawing & Illustration Mixed Media & Collage Fiber Arts This adorable hair bow is inspired by the Pokemon Sylveon, the new Fairy type evolution of Eevee! It is modeled after one of Sylveon's iconic bows, except it is made of felt instead of flesh! It makes the perfect accessory for a Sylveon cosplay, or for everyday cuteness! A one inch alligator hair clip is attached to the back, which ... More

how to build a shop press

The complete guide contains loads of advice for readers to benefit from the author’s 25 years of experience in the business Chicago, IL – Woodworking is one of the most rewarding and relaxing hobbies anyone can engage. However, most hobbyists are afraid to set up a shop because of fear. Ultimate ... More

how to break someone out of jail

you have to fix the first part. there is bedrock blocking the way D: like when you are in jail and u go dow the toilet ... More

how to download synergy video express on mac

Our built-in antivirus checked this Mac download and rated it as virus free. The actual developer of this free software for Mac is Adobe Systems, Inc. The program lies within Audio & Video Tools, more precisely General. This free application is developed for Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later. ... More

how to draw a cute cartoon puppy

See more What others are saying "Cartoon panda xx so cute" "Explore the wonderful world of modern cartooning, and give human qualities to ordinary and extraordinary creatures! ... More

how to buy my first investment property

As an example, lets consider purchasing an investment property for $500,000 in Victoria: With a loan at 90% of the property value - $450,000 There are always costs involved when buying any property. ... More

how to change wheels on hot wheels

16/11/2018 · You will need it to change the tire. Sometimes the wheels will seize to the hub, resulting in great difficulty in removal of the flat tire. If this happens, you will need a sledgehammer and a 2x4 or other piece of wood to remove a seized wheel rim. Rotating your tires will prevent this from happening when you do have to change a tire. When replacing nuts, be sure that the tapered side goes ... More

how to change directory permission for different users

When a permission is assigned to Owner, it is actually assigned to the user or group specified in the Managed By property of group objects in Active Directory. If the owner of a group changes, the previous owner loses, and the new owner gains the rights instantly. ... More

how to place a call on your voip from pc

28/01/2012 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. ... More

how to avoid foreign transaction fees

The Philippines welcomes around 5 million tourists each year. Some of the most popular destinations in the country are Siargao, Cebu, El Nido, Davao and Boracay. ... More

how to clean item in cataclysm

Steel Katana. Katanas are a single-handed weapon that has a hit rate of 16times/10sec. They attack 180/180/straight forward. The range of the first two strikes is low and the 3rd strike is a lunge attack. ... More

how to mount c drive in dosbox in windows 10

23/10/2015 · To install tasm in windows, follow the given steps. 1. Download DOSBox and install it. 2. Download tasm 3. Extract tasm to C drive(or any X drive) . ... More

how to download google maps on mac

How to download and run Tools for Google Maps on your PC and Mac Tools for Google Maps For PC can be easily installed and used on a desktop computer or laptop running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and a Macbook, iMac running Mac OS X. ... More

how to cook ox tongue in slow cooker

Add the diced tongue to your slow cooker with some diced veggies and herbs. I like to use tomatoes, onion, garlic, green and red bell peppers, oregano, and cilantro. I like to spice it with paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, and maybe a little cayenne or other chili pepper. Add some of the cooking broth from your pot to the slow cooker, and freeze the leftover broth for use in another recipe. You ... More

google drive how to make headers aphabetical

Google sheets allows you to create spreadsheets from your Google Drive account. Data, charts, formulas and more can be added into Sheets. More information about using Google sheets is linked below. Data, charts, formulas and more can be added into Sheets. ... More

how to buy an album on itunes

There's no direct way to "Open in iTunes," even if a song or album isn't supported in Apple Music at all. (I see you, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1.) Instead, when you stumble across non-streamable media in the Music app, you'll be greeted with a depressing alert informing you of its unavailability on your device. ... More

how to cook beef wellington parcels

9/12/2013 Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a frying pan over high heat. Cook beef, turning, for 5 mins or until browned. Transfer to a wire rack over a tray to cool. ... More

how to give a friend permission to build in forntie

How To Give Friend Permissions In Fortnite Share Tweet Although Fortnite is a multiplayer game The Stormshield missions focus on the stronghold of the party leader, their friends cannot build items. ... More

how to cancel ofo account

Ofo, the Chinese bike-sharing unicorn, has announced to establish a blockchain research institute on May 17th. They want to implement blockchain technology in a global scale to boost and enable the development of big data and IoT and build connections among enterprises, government and users. ... More

discord how to add youtube palylist hound bot

Small server but has an advertising channel for you to advertise your discord server, youtube videos etc. Join Server. Positive Vibes. Bumps: 0 . A server aimed towards Positivity and fun. from fun bots to chill staff.We have self assignable roles, a now live channel for active twitch streamers, fun bots, multi-language chat and more! Join Server. Adoisawesome YT Group. Bumps: 0. We are a ... More

how to change the defualt account

The process to set up multiple Gmail accounts while maintaining a default one may seem a little complicated in the beginning. But once youve accomplished it, itll work smoothly across all mediums. ... More

how to delete facebook profile but keep messenger

Facebook Messenger does so much more than most of us realize! This article shares the top 20 Facebook Messenger tips and tricks you may not know. This article shares the top 20 Facebook Messenger tips and tricks you may not know. ... More

how to change mirror of car

No matter how it happened, a damaged side view mirror should be replaced as soon as possible. As frustrating as it is to take time out to have it repaired, a damaged side mirror … ... More

how to become a male escort brisbane

Ladies, this is your essential guide to Male Escorts in Brisbane. Full details are available for each Male Escort or Male Escort agency, along with reviews from genuine clientele. Full details are available for each Male Escort or Male Escort agency, along with reviews from genuine clientele. ... More

how to cut liquor bottles

Selected category All. Collectibles. Collectible Decanters (1970-Now) Collectible Liquor Bottles (1900-Now) Collectible Decanters (Pre-1970) Collectible Pourers & Stoppers ... More

how to delete a post in a facebook group

Delete Facebook Group : How to Delete My Facebook Group Permanently True, when you started your Facebook Group you hoped to keep it updated with new members signing in and the brand awareness increasing as fast as you can imagine but along the way, you got entangled with other tasks that do not give you enough time to build your Facebook group to the level you had previously ... More

how to buy safely on shedd app

The safest way to buy and sell sneakers on desktop, iPhone and Android. We guarantee authenticity on every sneaker purchase or your money back. We guarantee authenticity on every sneaker purchase or your money back. ... More

how to clean tile grout haze

Grout Haze Clean-Up is a safe and effective concentrated cleaner that is added to the grout clean-up water for removal of cementitious grout haze and latex additive film from tile during the grout clean … ... More

how to keep your liver clean

How to clean your liver. Liver Detox is certainly important and that can help you to protect the body from various harmful toxins. It is the organ that usually plays an important role in the body. Unless it is damaged, keep your liver clean by detox. ... More

how to choose a massage table

While the answer to this question surely varies depending on which table you choose, many Amazon suppliers will ship your Reiki table to you within three business days. If you need to order a Reiki table that isnt in stock, or need a customized table, these obviously may take longer. ... More

how to draw a motorbike track

Some BMX riders with extra land may eventually want to learn how to build a BMX dirt race track. Not only is it a great way to practice BMX tricks, it also saves you the time and money you would spend on a BMX track. ... More

how to download video from facebook messenger to laptop

However, it is not possible to download videos from Facebook (Messenger for PC and or other mobile platforms), Gb Instagram APK, or YouTube. The most you can do is save them so that you do not need to search it again. ... More

how to make bootable usb drive for installing windows 7

With the powerful functions and straightforward user interface, you can install Windows 7 to a USB drive and run Windows 7 from that USB drive easily. I have to say that WinToUSB is the best tool to create Windows 7 To Go USB drive. ... More

how to change page margins inches to mm in word

Does anybody know how to change the margins display in excel from inches to mm. There used to be an option within preferences but I cannot see it anymore. ... More

how to delete own discord server

Discord is one of the most popular communication services in the gaming community. This communication service is dedicated to gamers across the globe. Discord bots help enhance the overall communication experience on Discord servers. These bots eliminate the need to exit from discord server … ... More

how to clean a battery acid spill

Spills can occur on any job site, and some can cause injury or illness if they are not cleaned up immediately. SoCal First Aid® offers Southern California businesses tools and supplies to clean up a variety of spills. ... More

how to cook turkey hindquarter

Young Turkey Hindquarter Roast If you love the dark meat, it's easy to add an extra portion so you can actually have all you want at a sitting. This turkey hindquarter roast includes two whole bone-in, skin-on turkey legs, including thigh and drumstick with portion of back attached. ... More

how to connect remotely tp my pc with wamp

17/01/2012 · It took me less than a minute to establish a connection to my Mac without some manual reading, just out of my intuition (go to "Sharing" in the "System preferences", enable "Remote Management", click on "Computer Settings" and set a Password. In Mocha enter the IP and the Password - Thats It) ... More

how to calculate break even sales volume

The C/S ratio is useful in its own right as it tells us what percentage each $ of sales revenue contributes towards fixed costs; it is also invaluable in helping us to quickly calculate the break-even point in $ sales revenue, or the sales revenue required to generate a target profit. The break-even point in sales revenue can now be calculated this way for Company A: ... More

how to become a qld train driver

Change your organisation's details. Email to advise us of changes to your registered training organisation's contact details. ... More

how to connect akai xr20 to computer

5/01/2019 If you are an owner of Akai A1 and looking out for usb drivers to connect your device to the computer, then you have landed on the right page. Download Akai A1 USB driver from here, install it on your computer and connect your device with PC or Laptop successfully. ... More

how to clean nipples before delivery

There is nothing you can do to prepare your nipples for breastfeeding! Trying to roughen them up before the baby is born is just going to make them sore, cracked, bleeding, etc. which is just going to cause more pain when trying to breastfeed. ... More

how to change m to km

››More information from the unit converter. How many km/h in 1 m/min? The answer is 0.06. We assume you are converting between kilometre/hour and metre/minute. ... More

how to add holdings to investorcentre computershare

You may choose to manually add other holdings to your portfolio for companies not managed by Computershare. We trust you will find these services helpful please contact our share registry, Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited on 1300 552 270 should you have any further queries. ... More

how to clean gas stove in tamil

Most manufacturers will agree, cleaning a dirty stove isn’t a daily process – rather, it should be done often enough that you don’t see food debris or grease buildup on the interior panels of the stove or on the top surface of the gas or electric cooktop. You should clean your stove for two reasons. First, it will prolong the life of the appliance, and second… it is a safety concern if ... More

how to change discord background image

7/07/2016 · How To Make A FREE YouTube Logo! (NO PHOTOSHOP) How To Make A YouTube Logo WITHOUT Photoshop (Pixlr) - Duration: 12:22. Th3Hav0c 732,872 views ... More

how to delete cookies and cache on google chrome

From time to time, you may be advised to clear your cache, cookies and browsing history to improve the performance of your internet browser. In the Chrome browser: ... More

how to become independent in life

People who want to go plant-based but can't even imagine a life without cheese or ice cream. I'm right there with ya and am here to help you every step of the way. I can't wait to show you around! I'm right there with ya and am here to help you every step of the way. ... More

how to draw support and resistance levels like a professional

Professional Floor Traders are aware of an entire range of major and minor support and resistance levels before the market opens each day. They also know how to calculate new levels ... More

how to download a torrent from kkickass without account

10/08/2017 Adobe Permier CS6 ini sangat cocok sekali bagi anda suke meng-edit-edit, terutama meng'edit video. Software ini bisa dibi... ... More

how to download video from google drive max

If my memory is not wrong, one solution is to install google drive on your com (don't worry if it's a Mac Google got it covered). Do Google around the answer, just ask for downloading stuff from Google drive more that 2.0gb, since it's a fairly common issue. ... More

how to create a slide master in powerpoint 2007

Slide masters refer to an element of the design template in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 that contains data about a template’s attributes, such as placeholder sizes, placeholder positions, color ... More

how to change headunit on commodore ve

New Power Steering Pump Reservoir for Holden Commodore VS to VE Series 6 Cyl. (4/95 to 1/13) (4/95 to 1/13) Ultimate Power Steering has New Power Steering Pump Reservoirs available for Commodore VN to VR series from 4/95 to 1/13. ... More

how to come up with writing ideas

How to Come Up With the Best Dissertation Ideas. Sometimes, we will run out of dissertation ideas to write about. In this case, the problems of dissertation paper writing will just increase ten folds considering that the topic interest should be the starting point of the whole research process. ... More

how to buy a cell phone tower

Cell phone companies can construct guyed towers, monopoles, stealth faux trees, or façade mount the antennas to a building. There are many construction solutions readily available to cell phone companies looking to improve their network. ... More

how to change background colour on

Paint.NET :: Change The Background Color? Oct 30, 2011. i want to know is how to change the background color. View 1 Replies Similar Messages: Paint.NET :: Change Color Of Vignette To Match Page Background Color ... More

how to build a concrete path

How to lay a Concrete Slab, Path or Driveway 5. Mix and Place the Concrete Ensure you mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow, on a non porous surface or in a cement mixer. ... More

how to create wsdl file from web services

In this chapter we provide you with the necessary steps to create a Web Service from a WSDL document using JBossWS runtime. To create a Web Service using JBossWS runtime select File > New > Other > Web Services > Web Service to run Web Service creation wizard. Let's get through the wizard step-by-step: Figure 3.7. New Web Service Wizard. Select the stages of Web service … ... More

how to eat unichi rosehip

Unichi Rosehip Extract Complex naturally contains a variety of vitamins, especially Vitamin C and E. Find out more This is a great product to buy! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. ... More

how to change singer sewing machine motor belt

The Singer electric motor is located at the back of the machine, and can be supplied for operation on alternating or direct current. Orders must state the catalogue number of the motor, or the voltage, and in the case of alternating ... More

how to drive a land rover

Jaguar Land Rover will use any information collected to inform you about products and services and to improve how we serve you. Your data will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your information will only be disclosed to Jaguar Land Rover, its dealers, franchise partners, agencies, affiliated or associated companies providing services for your benefit. If you wish to ... More

how to build a small garden fence

2/05/2011 · The use of a garden fence is an essential element to help keep out pests or for a decorative touch. The following steps will show you how to fence a garden. Keep in mind it is important to leave enough room between the fence … ... More

how to clean de filter fingers

Hayward EC40 DE filters have filtration fingers that become dirty over a season of use. Set your garden hose nozzle on the most powerful stream and power wash each of the fingers. Set your garden hose nozzle on the most powerful stream and power wash each of the fingers. ... More

how to create a scenario

Well the best place to start would be by learning how to mod. Creating a scenario takes a considerable amount of time and is generally not something you can do overnight, even smaller scenarios. ... More

how to achieve operational excellence in manufacturing

Operational Excellence has been defined broadly as a philosophy of continuous improvement in the workplace and executing business strategy to increase competitive advantage. ... More

how to clean genuine leather boots

If its genuine leather with vegetable oil coating then its water resistant. You can dry it up and its good to go again. You can dry it up and its good to go again. Source: Caring And Cleaning ... More

how to become a mental health counselor in florida

Professional counselors working exclusively for the mental health counseling profession. The AMHCA Career Center: loaded with great opportunities from top employers. If you’re looking for a counseling job you’ll love, now’s the time to check it out. ... More

how to remove pixelation in corel draw x8

Corel PaintShop Pro X7 is defined by better performance, new tools that help you focus on enjoying the creative journey, and enhanced functionality in key areas. ... More

how to sign out of googe drive app

The app only focuses on syncing and left the basic functionalities for the Google Drive official app to handle. I am highly impressed by the app and really recommend it to Android users if they ... More

how to change your gamertag on ps4

... More

how to change from deathmatch to supremacy in aoe3

5/11/2014 · AoE3:TAD has a couple of gameplay types: Supremacy (main gametype), Deathmatch, Treaty(up to 40 minutes) While there is a homecity system that restricts what you can do at lower levels (much like how aoeo started out), it is definitely possible to play at a high level with a default level 10 homecity if you choose your cards right. On the note of game variety, AoE3 does have a functional ... More

skyrim how to change your appearance

Skyrim: 13 Best Jewelry and Accessory Mods to Bling Out Your Dragonborn How to build your own PokeVision map in 5 minutes or less Top 6 Best Pokemon Go hacks, cheats, tips, and tricks … so far ... More

how to draw a cloud blowing wind

The Wind filter simulates the effect of wind blowing against a surface and pieces being blown off. 13 Choose Image > Rotate > 90 Left. 14 Choose Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates, and choose the Rectangular to Polar radio button. ... More

how to use bissell deep clean

1. Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Carpet Shampooer: Professional-Grade Formula for Top-quality, Deep-down Clean. Having no education or background in the field of chemistry, I prefer to put trust in Bissell Homecare Company. ... More

how to change keyboard shortcuts iphone

Move to the keyboard shortcuts, find the offending shortcut, and delete it. Then talk with your daughter about how she might want to think about keeping her iPod a bit more secure. Let’s Stay In Touch! ... More

how to become a us coast guard

To enlist in the U.S. Coast Guard, individuals need to pass physical exams, background checks, and credit histories as well as meet a series of personal criteria. ... More

how to cook king scallops in half shell

Place the pan with scallops and shells over high heat for 4 to 5 minutes. In the end the olive oil will start to sizzle a little. Touch the top of the scallops. ... More

how to clean copper plumbing pipes

Copper plumbing has many advantages over plastic plumbing; it is much more durable and if installed correctly, lasts a really long time. Installing copper plumbing is quite an easy task and can be done by you at home without the need for any professional assistance. ... More

how to make your eyes clear again

You also want to avoid rubbing your eyes, especially if your hands aren’t clean, if you have a stye or want to make an effort not to get one. ( 12 ) Some sources also recommend using coriander seeds to make a tea-like liquid and then use this coriander liquid (once it has cooled down) to cleanse the eye. ... More

how to build chest mucel

Building the chest muscles is just like building any other muscle. In order for them to grow you will have to lift progressively heavier weights, eat a lot and give your body the … ... More

how to clean carpet with shark steam mop

Steam Carpet Cleaner, Shark Steam Mop Reviews, Steam Mop manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Steam Mop to Clean You Carpet, 2 in 1 Steam Ironing Board with Garment Steamer (KB-1980AE), Steam Ironing/Iron Board with Height Adjustable Fast Heating (KB-1980AE) and so on. ... More

how to create your own app from scratch

"Building a Chat App for Android" will give you a new perspective on how the Apps and Web-Services work And after you completed the course you will be able to create your own Chat app with the latest technology and technique. Hope you enjoy! ... More

how to become a limited company from a sole trader

One of the first tasks you will have when starting up your business will be to decide whether to set up a new limited company, or become self-employed. If you choose to go self employed, this could be either as a sole trader, or as a partner in a partnership. The different business structures each ... More

how to become a famous stylist

Celebrity hair stylists are responsible for everything from creating the perfect cut to coaxing out the ideal texture. The best stylists work with the stars’ personal fashion sense and individual style to develop color and cuts that become part of their signature look. ... More

how to delete songs from library apple music iphone

The My Music tab shows your iTunes purchases and songs you already synced to your library. It defaults to Album view, with a side-scrolling Recently Added list on top. Tap the word Albums to ... More

how to change default permission oracle sql

These options range from CREATEDB, CREATEROLE, CREATEUSER, and even SUPERUSER. Additionally, most options also have a negative counterpart, informing the system that you wish to deny the user that particular permission. ... More

how to clean dyson stick vacuum filter

With 4 tools for cleaning up after pets. Powered by the Dyson digital motor V10 $ Add to Cart. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute + Handstick Vacuum ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0 (4) For all floor types. With 6 tools for total home cleaning. Up to 60 minutes of fade-free suction [5] Powered by the Dyson digital motor V10 $ Add to Cart. Black & Decker 45Wh 2-in-1 Cordless Multipower Pet Vacuum ... More

how to say drink wine in french

Common wines and wine producing regions. Understanding regions is the key to understanding French wine. In France, wine is viewed as an expression of where it was created rather than just the grapes used—wine is consequently organized not by grape, but by region and producer. ... More

how to build up crown molding on kitchen cabinets

31/05/2017 cabinet crown molding. 1-16 of 454 results for "cabinet crown molding" Crown Molding - Plastic Crown Moulding Manufactured with a Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound. Cm-1014-6 Moldings. by DreamWallDecor. .99 $ 72 99 + .99 shipping. 5 out of 5 stars 1. ... More

how to add online continuing education on resume

You can emphasize all of your continuing education by creating a Professional Development section within the Education section. Think about job-related training, certifications, conferences, in-service training, seminars, online learning and even self-directed study. For some professionals, this section can be quite impressive, and showing recent, up-to-date training can be more valuable than ... More

how to build my business credit

Business Credit Center Five steps to build your personal and business credit profiles Understanding how your personal and business credit profiles affect each other can help get you closer to achieving small business success. ... More

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how to clean your ass out for anal sex

9/11/2013 · Next time you get a blowjob ask the girl to put a finger up your ass as you climax I'm being srs, it's pretty good QueenDecim, Aug 2, 2013. Hip

how to avoid lmi when refinancing

Some borrowers delay refinancing to avoid paying LMI a second time because the financial benefits do not outweigh the costs. Is there a limit to how many times I can refinance? There is no set limit to how many times you are allowed to refinance.

how to achieve environmental sustainability

How Technology Could Contribute to a Sustainable World Introduction The paradoxes of technological development The effects of technology underlie early twenty-first …

how to download to a samsung mobile

Download Samsung firmware From SAMMobile [Official] If you are trying to download Samsung official firmware or stock ROM then you can try Google for your own model number.

how to clean computer hard drive

clean hard drive free download - Hard Drive Upgrader, Hard Drive Inspector Professional, Erase Your Hard Drive, and many more programs

roast beef greek gyros how to cook

Beef Gyro Meat Recipe Roast Beef Gyro Lamb Gyro Recipe Pork Gyros Lamb Gyros Traditional Gyro Recipe Lamb Fries Greek Fries Ground Lamb Recipes Forward ground lamb (or beef) cup minced red onion 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice Sandwich: 4 rounds of flat bread or pita.

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