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December 10, 2017
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Safety Tips while Visiting The Looking Glass Wars’s Card Soldier Wars

This is very simple but if you have any questions please speak with a responsible adult.

  1. Never give out your password to anyone!
  2. Never give out personal information when interacting with others online.
  1. Be careful who you talk to on the internet.
  2. All real Card Soldier Wars activities and games are contained within the website.
  3. Be careful about meeting people you meet on the web.
  4. The Card Soldier Wars is free but not all sites are.
  5. Please follow the rules you family has for the Internet.
  6. Use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true – it always is.


See below for more information

1. The staff at the Card Soldier Wars will never, ever ask for your password so if someone is, they’re lying and trying to cheat you. It’s that simple. People will go to great lengths to steal your password. Check the URL to make sure it says whenever you log on.

2. The web is full of people trying to take advantage of others. Be smart and protect yourself. Never give out personal information about yourself like your phone number or picture of yourself or others. Don’t tell people where you go to school or where you live no matter how nice they sound. The Card Soldier Wars requires your email address as well as your first and last name only if your 13-years-old or older. That’s all that is required to enjoy our website. Any other information is not personally identifiable and not required. Remember, be smart and always talk to a responsible adult if you are uncertain.

3. If someone does something on the web that makes you feel uncomfortable, immediately find a responsible adult and tell them. If this happens while you are on the site please use this form to report it. Not everyone is who they says they are on the web. Don’t go trying to figure out who they are just report them.

4. Do not leave the site to visit any links that you do not trust. This will only lead to trouble that may do serious damage to your computer. People may use variations of the to trick you. Don’t do it. In general, you should always delete emails, files or web pages that you get from people you do not know or trust. There are many viruses on the web and for some reason some people find it funny when they trick you into infecting your computer.

5. Meeting in person with people you find on-line is not always a great idea. If for some reason you feel the need to do this follow these very simple guidelines

  1. Get your parents permission first.
  2. Meet in a public place that has lots of other people.
  3. Go with a parent or older family member (one that is at least 18 years or older). Even if you are an adult, be smart and take someone else with you.
  4. Have the person you’re meeting bring a parents or adult also.

6. It’s all about being smart and taking personal responsibility for your actions. Don't ever do anything on the Internet that could cost your family money unless your parents are there to help you do it.

7. This is supposed to be fun. Follow the rules of the site and your family and everyone will feel happier.

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